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Linear halogen eco lamp 230W equiv 300W. Part № 64701 ES. Manufactured by Osram

Documents available:
Data Sheet HALOLINE ECO Halogen lamp for mains voltage – double ended Technical Information
Data Sheet Osram Halogen Lamps Data Sheet
Manufacturer Osram
Type Linear Halogen
Colour Temperature 2900K
Diameter 12mm
Cap Type R7s
Length 114.2mm
Voltage 230V
Equivalent Wattage 300W
Life Hrs 2000
Lumen 5000
Use in open faced Luminaries No
Life Hours 2000h
Luminosity 5000 lm
Lamp Base R7s
Incandescent Equivalent Wattage 300W
Voltage Rating 230 V
Wattage 230W
Manufacturer Osram  Manufacturer Osram  Type Linear Halogen  Type Linear Halogen  Colour Temperature 2900K  Colour Temperature 2900K  Diameter 12mm  Diameter 12mm  Cap Type R7s  Cap Type R7s  Length 114.2mm  Length 114.2mm  Voltage 230V  Voltage 230V  Equivalent Wattage 300W  Equivalent Wattage 300W  Life Hrs 2000  Life Hrs 2000  Lumen 5000  Lumen 5000  Use in open faced Luminaries No  Use in open faced Luminaries No  Life Hours 2000h  Life Hours 2000h  Luminosity 5000 lm  Luminosity 5000 lm  Lamp Base R7s  Lamp Base R7s  Incandescent Equivalent Wattage 300W  Incandescent Equivalent Wattage 300W  Voltage Rating 230 V  Voltage Rating 230 V  Wattage 230W  Wattage 230W 
RS Components UK Linear halogen eco lamp 230W equiv 300W
Product Information:

Haloline® ECO Linear Halogen

Linear halogen ECO lamps use a special infra red reflective coating on the inside of the envelope and a low conductivity xenon gas filler to help reduce heat loss from the filament. These two technologies help to reduce the energy required to maintain filament operating temperature.

Energy saving
1:1 replacement for standard linear halogen floodlight lamps
Average lifetime of approximately 2000 hours
Lower thermal output
Ideal for emphasising and accentuating the structure of a room
Can be used anywhere
No transformer required
Fully dimmable


Enclosed luminaires are required with these halogen floodlight lamps for both indoor and outdoor applications

Mains Tungsten Halogen (Lamps)

Manufactured by Osram

Linear halogen eco lamp 230W equiv 300W. Part № 64701 ES. Manufactured by Osram