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FUSE-SWITCH, GS1DD4. Part № GS1DD4. Manufactured by Telemecanique

Manufacturer Telemecanique
Maximum Current 20 (dc) A, 32 (ac) A
Terminal Type Screw
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Number of Poles 4P
Electrical Phase Three
Mechanical Fuse Size 10 x 38 mm
Manufacturer Telemecanique  Manufacturer Telemecanique  Maximum Current 20 (dc) A, 32 (ac) A  Maximum Current 20 (dc) A, 32 (ac) A  Terminal Type Screw  Terminal Type Screw  Mounting Type DIN Rail  Mounting Type DIN Rail  Number of Poles 4P  Number of Poles 4P  Electrical Phase Three  Electrical Phase Three  Mechanical Fuse Size 10 x 38 mm  Mechanical Fuse Size 10 x 38 mm 
Product Information:

Switch-disconnectors_6107400_Normal Module

Fused switch-disconnectors GS1 series

Switch-disconnector units for NFC or DIN fuses.
Screw connection.
Assembly on DIN rail.
Protective terminal covers for connection ranges available separately.

ReferenceRatingFuse sizesNo. of poles
Ext. Control Right or left side and int. control front   
GS1 DD332A10 x 383
GS1 DD432A10 x 383 + N
Int.or ext. control Right side   
GS1 FD350A14 x 513
GS1 FD450A14 x 514
GS1 JD3100A22 x 583
GS1 JD4100A22 x 584
GS1 KD3125A22 x 583
GS1 KD4125A22 x 584
GS1 LD3160ASize 03
GS1 LD4160ASize 04
GS1 ND3250ASize 13
GS1 ND4250ASize 14
GS1 QQD3400ASize 23
GS1 QQD3400ASize 24
GS1 SD3630ASize 33
Ext. Control Left side   
GS1 FG350A14 x 513
GS1 JG3100A22 x 583
GS1 KG3125A22 x 583
GS1 NG3250ASize 13
Ext. Control front   
GS1 F350A14 x 513
GS1 J3100A22 x 583
GS1 K3125A22 x 583
GS1 L3160ASize 03
GS1 N3250ASize 13
Terminal cover  
ReferenceSwitch ratingNo. of poles
GS1 AP33100A to 160A3
GS1 AP34100A to 160A4
GS1 AP43200A to 400A3

Switch Disconnectors - Fuses

Manufactured by Telemecanique

FUSE-SWITCH, GS1DD4. Part № GS1DD4. Manufactured by Telemecanique